For Teachers

Learners its time to earn from what you learn. 

It’s time to convert your precious knowledge and all your hard work you put while learning  into Dollars $$$.

Yes, it goes like that READING HALL believes that the best way of learning is to  learn together, sharing knowledge is necessary to create the world full of life, not just livings.  Reading Hall gives you platform to interact with the students who needs your help for their homework from all over the world. you can choose your student from all over the Globe.  Give them your precious knowledge and yes, it is not for free unless you don’t want it you will be paid from the student whom you are helping. 
In order to help any student ( Or Earning from your what you Learn.)

All you have to do follow these steps.

1. Get yourself registered  at Reading Hall. 
2. Create a Profile which  shows your expertise to everyone (it is recommended because it makes easy for a student to choose you in the mob, it’s like recognising Eiffel tower among the buildings ) 🙂 
*be the Eiffel tower, not the building.
3. Go to the Queries section and start earning. You can choose from the number of queries in the area of your expertise asked by students from all over the world, help them out by answering their queries and get paid.
4. You are busy, don’t have time to look every time for new queries. Don’t worry 🙂  we will notify you about every single one under your section of expertise and if you want then to every single one. ( THE EVERY SINGLE ONE.) 
Yes, Here Student decides  how much they wanna pay but you also hold the right to charge your answers as much as you want. 
If you think the Student is paying High you can decrease the cost of your answer 🙂 else you may charge more if you find it cost you more hard work.  Most importantly there is no minimum payout. you can transfer your funds to your PayPal account anytime you want and there is no minimum balance for the same. 

Enjoy Teaching like never before !!! 🙂