For Student

Students it’s Time to do homework like a Boss. Just post your Query rather say Requirement and The Teacher will be ready to answer it. and Yes you may choose with whom to wanna make the deal.

All you have to do is Just  post your Homework and you will be answered from  our talented Teachers in the time limit mentioned by you. You can ask for your answer in any format  you want like .pdf , powerpoint presentation (.ppt), video, excel or just word (.Doc) format and you will be provided the same.

Now let’s discuss Why Reading Hall ?

Here you go …

  1. In Reading hall there is no restriction of time and place you can post your homework any time from anywhere and you will get answer from Globally recognised Teacher.

  2. You will decide How much you wanna pay for your Homework and to whom. you can choose from number of answers given by our Teachers from all around the word.  All you have to do is Just pick the one you like most and here you done.

  3. you don’t have to book a Teacher for whole Lesson unless you don’t want ;).  Just pay for your Question only to the one you find most appropriate, as simple as circle.